Selected Works

Glitzy Snurtle (Lighting Designer)

The Glitzy Snurtle is an art car covered with thousands of LEDs and five video modules, all running generative programming through TouchDesigner. A Teensy with custom firmware sends data from the controls in the cab so that TD can change the programming based on user input. I worked on the Teensy firmware + lighting design & programming.

Glitzy Snurtle: a photo of a large art car lit by hundreds of LEDs. Photo Credit: Kate Russell

Goblin Computer (Lighting Designer)

A custom GLSL shader runs within TouchDesigner to generate the never-repeating, low-res light patterns that crawl through the two sculptures in Goblin Computer, while the mood of the entire sequence is synched to an epic room soundtrack by Beach House.

Goblin Computer: a photo of an art installation plus sculpture with low-res embedded LEDs. Photo Credit: Alexandra Carmona

Timeworm (Lighting Designer)

This room is programmed entirely in FastLED on an Arduino, output to DMX via a DMX shield. All of the sequences are slightly different each time, with matching sound cues.

Timeworm: a photo of an art installation, a dark room with large bars of animated light. Photo Credit: ?

Meow Wolf's Show Manager (Lead Programmer, System Design & Code)

The image for this one is under NDA (mysterious!) Meow Wolf's Show Manager allows operators to monitor and control devices within the show. The original version is a Python script + Max/MSP front-end which still runs at Meow Wolf in Santa Fe. I later designed a second, custom Python client/server with asynchronous job system to support Meow Wolf's needs in Denver and Vegas.

Meow Wolf's Show Manager

Hackaday: LED Programming With Arduino & FastLED (Course Design & Code)

I designed this online course togerher with Mirabelle Jones. Learn to program your own interactive LED installations using microcontrollers & FastLED.

Hackaday: LED Programming With Arduino & FastLED.